Navagragha Homam

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ஏகத்  ஶ்ருத்வா படி2த்வாச க்3ரஹ ஶாந்தி 

விதா4  நகம் | நவக்3ரஹ ப்ரஸாதே3ன 

4வேத்3  இஷ்டார்த்த2  பா4ங்கரஹ||

நவக்ரஹ ஹோமம் நவக்ரஹ சமுச்சயசாந்தியை படித்து தெளிந்து விதான பூர்வமாக செய்பவர்களுக்கு அவர்கள் விரும்புகிற அனைத்து செல்வ, நல்ல பலன்களும் கிடைக்கப்பெறும்.

Section TypeBramin்TimeDakshina(Rs)
C 2 1:30 5,000.00
B 3 2:30 8,000.00
A 4 2:30 12,000.00
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The nine planets that determine our destiny are sun, moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, and Rahu and Kethu, each having a particular effect on our destiny if propitiated. In order that the huddles and obstacles faced by us in regard to our undertakings, such as particular business upgradation in one’s official career, and the malevolent destiny assailing us, take a flight, we have to conduct Sudarsana Homam, which demands the use of various ingredients such as sweet rice ( chakkarai pongal), mustard seed ( kabuki), pepper ( milagu), sesame seed ( ellu), salt, robusta seed oil ( kunguliyam)…….. , which will be based on our particular requirements. If one worships Chakraraja, the spiritual symbol of Lord Mahavishnu, all the hostile forces shall have a quick exit. Lord Shiva, the destroyer of time, known as, ‘ Amirthamrithyancharaja,’ will remove all bodily afflictions assailing us , conferring on us the life of immortality, if worshipped, there being three types of spiritual worships delineated in the Sastras for one to be bestowed this benediction. The worship mentioned in Rigveda is known as, ‘ Mrithyulangula Homa,’ that mentioned in Yajurveda known as, ‘ Amirthamriyncha Homam,’ that is, the one ushering in the elixir of immortality. The various ingredients used are sweet rice ( chakkara pongal), clarified butter, paddy seed, mustard seed, honey, etc.….