About Vedapadasalai

The curriculum for the imparting of the knowledge of Yajur Vedas to the students having been established on the Vijayadashami day ( 24-10-2012) with the blessings of Their Holinesses Sri Jayendra Saraswathy and Sri Vijayendra Saraswathy of Kanchipeetam and Sri Krishnapremi Anna, the Vedic education is going on very well. With the assistance of a very knowledgeable vedic Pandit, fifteen students are taught the Vedic education, with facilities for dwelling, food and clothing being well taken care of. The various branches of Vedic knowledge such as mantras, prosody, grammar, phonetics, are being taught. We have the credit of having made two groups of students become successful in the acquisition of Vedic knowledge. All are requested to participate in this holy undertaking taken up with the assistance rendered by good philanthropists to make it grow more and more by contributing your might and  have the blessings of the ancestors.

Why should we revere the Vedas and make them flourish? Only through the Vedic rites one can invoke the  the ancestors to have their blessings by appeasing their dormant psyches. Only through the Vedic ceremonies one can invoke the celestials and the various gods inhabiting the various celestial worlds and obtain their grace to have all one’s sufferings and afflictions warded off, with all the sins being extirpated and good karma being acquired. Is it not the duty of all to espouse the cause of the Vedic dharma making it grow abundantly, since it confers on us the blessings of all great saints and gods eradicating the evil propensity ? Hence we be seech your assistance in invoking the mother of the Vedas by providing necessary monetary assistance. The monthly expenditure incurred by the Vedic curriculum is Rs 60000, with Rs 5000 being spent on a single student, further with Rs 1000 being needed for the provision of food three times a day. You are requested to help us in participating in any of these by making your contributions for with tax exemption under the section 80 G is available under Income Tax rules. The cheques for making this payment may be honoured in favour of ‘ SREE LOKHAKSHEMA TRUST.’