வேத ஶ்ருதி மஹா புண்யே ப்ரஹ்மண்யே ஜாதவேத3ஸீ| த்வம் ப்ரஹ்ம- வித்யா வித்3யானாம் மஹா நித்ராச தேஹினாம்| ஸாவித்ரீ வேத3 மாதாச ததா2 வேதா3ந்த உச்யதே| ஸ்துதாஸி த்வம் மஹா தே3வி விசுத்தேனாந்த ராத்மனா| ஜயோ ப4வதுமே நித்யம் த்வத் ப்ரஸாதாத்3 ரணாஜிரே ||


This website known as ’’ has been established and is being run and administers by Vedic scholars like Sri Raja Vadhyar and others, the following services being rendered by us.

1. Services relating to the performance of various Vedic ceremonies and rites such as worship, the spiritual oblations offered to various deities, the ceremony relating to investiture of sacred thread, conduct of marriage and other allied functions, etc are arranged to be performed by us with the assistance of knowledgeable brahmin priests. These services are extended to communities other than brahmins also. The various ingredients for the performance of various worships mentioned above are made available by us.

2. In Elliamman kovil street, West Mambalam, there is our “ Sri Vedavidya Ashram,” registration is being done for rendering  services relating to annual ceremonies for the ancestors, and the monthly ceremonies for the departed.

3.Further furnishings of information relating to the curriculum for the imparting of Vedic knowledge, especially the Yajur Veda, accepting the  charitable donation offered by the public and crediting them to the account of the organisation as a corpus being available for performing the various activeties of the organisation.

4. Further rendering of similar services to those living in foreign countries and cities such as California, Texas, Houstan, spreading the Vedic culture there.

5. Providing pure, orthodox food to those desiring to perform various ceremonies mentioned above. 

The following are the members of this organisation; 1. Sri Raja Sastrigal ( the chief), 2. Sri Badrinarayan Iyengar, 3.Krishnamurthi Sastrigal, 4. Sankara Narayana Sastrigal.